ERCES PART 1: The Coverage Problem

Emergency Radio Coverage Enhancement Systems (ERCES)

Fire, Police, EMS and public safety personnel rely on two-way radios for communication.  Could you imagine fighting a fire as a first responder and not being able to communicate with your team due to poor radio coverage?

Personal safety, as well as the safety of the building occupants, depends on reliable communications. Public safety radio systems are designed to provide reliable outdoor radio signal coverage.

Building materials such as concrete, metal, Low-E glass etc reduce the radio signal strength inside a building, resulting in poor in-building coverage and “dead spots”. The image below shows the typical scenario where part of the building that is underground and on the opposite side of the radio repeater site (highlighted yellow) has poor radio signal coverage.

Installing an Emergency Radio Coverage Enhancement System can reduce poor coverage and "dead spots" within a building.

Emergency  Radio Coverage Enhancement Systems (ERCES) are required by International Building Code (IBC), International Fire Code (IFC) and they are specified in NFPA-1221 and NFPA-72.

ERCES PART 2: THE SOLUTION can be found here.

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Derrick Mitchell