The product that changes everything. EchoByte will revolutionize the way you program fire alarm systems, exponentially reducing costs and turnaround time; while maximizing your technical talent across multiple projects in multiple locations. Extend your reach with EchoByte.  



Welcome to the future of fire alarm system programming and service. The Echobyte gives you instant access to fire alarm systems anywhere in the world without leaving your office. Maximize your time, talent, and budget with Echobyte.

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EchoByte creates a secure virtual pathway to building fire alarm systems utilizing an internet connected computer and cellular technology. 

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Eliminate unnecessary travel time to projects for system startup, troubleshooting, programming, and pre-testing. EchoByte maximizes your technical talent by putting multiple systems in multiple locations at their fingertips.

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EchoByte can easily be moved from one project to the next, multiplying your savings and improving your bottom line.

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DIN mount bracket

Aluminium Chassis

Ethernet or 3G/GPRS Uplink (WAN) Internet Access

Connect to fire alarm system via USB, RS232, or Network Interface

Two digital input ports

Digital or Relay output for signaling active EchoByte connections

Control from anywhere with an internet connected computer

24VDC Power Requirement

When it comes to the field programming and troubleshooting, we’re miles ahead of the competition with the EchoByte
— Brad Higdon, BASS United